Our Team


‘At your service with advice and assistance¬†24 hours a day’

The Tridense team consists of subject matter and experience experts in all areas in which we are active for our clients. Intelligent, stable and communicatively strong personalities who understand as no other how the protection of privacy for our clients acquires substance and value.

Everyone in the team strives to build lasting relationships of trust, both with clients and with colleagues. This allows us to know what is going on ‘in and around’ the families we work for. This forms the informative basis that enables us to anticipate and to separate sense from nonsense. In this way we can apply our expertise fully and in a targeted manner.

Internationally, we work together within a network of like-minded foreign experts and specialists, in both the public and private sectors. To whatever risk areas our clients travel and wherever they are at any given time: Tridense will always be able to support and advise them preventively and reactively.

In addition, we maintain excellent relationships with family advisors who work for our clients in other areas of expertise. In situations where different areas of expertise touch and can reinforce each other, we then ensure proper and prompt coordination.