About us


‘At your side to advise and act, twenty-four hours a day.’

Tridense is led by Lennart van Wijnen and Allard Aarts. Together with co-founder and senior partner Arjo de Jong, they have years of experience in crime fighting and in protecting the privacy and security of prominent families and individuals.

At Tridense, their reputations and years of experience are combined with specialist knowledge provided by the other members of the team they lead. Experience and current expertise complement each other in this multidisciplinary team, in which all key areas of knowledge and practice are represented. The team consists of intelligent and dedicated professionals who always prioritise their clients’ safety and well-being.


Our services are designed in full consultation with our clients, based on their points of view and our perception of the risks. The team that will be available to the client is put together in full consultation as well. This establishes a baseline level of trust from which we can provide our clients with advise and act, twenty-four hours a day, in both good and bad times.

Together with the family office

If applicable, Tridense works closely with the client’s family office. Thorough integration is possible if desired. In this case, Tridense will virtually become part of the family office. This could significantly benefit the efficiency of our services.

A strong network

Tridense is recognised by the Dutch police force and other relevant public authorities. We invest considerable time in maintaining good professional relationships with these government partners. We also invest considerably in our international network of ‘like-minded’ security providers. Wherever our clients go, our care and attention go with them and travel ahead of them.