Our clients

We focus on Private Clients with a prominent position in society and strive to maintain strong and enduring relationships.

Our clients

We focus on Private Clients with a distinguished profile and strive for enduring and long-term relationships.

Our clients are prominent, wealthy individuals and families (‘Private Clients’) who take their security seriously and require a structured approach to risk management. They have found in Tridense a dedicated and reliable partner.

Our clients, like us, strive to build a lasting relationship based on trust and understanding. For this reason, clients enable us to discover what is going on around the family and the potential risks involved, both with respect to current and future generations. This helps us form a complete picture of the entire ‘playing field’, allowing us to bring our full expertise to bear at all the right times and in all the places.

Prominent profile

Tridense has a restrictive client acceptance policy. We focus exclusively on clients with a prominent position, both professionally and socially. We don’t accept clients whose stature is incompatible with our impeccable reputation.

Why choose Tridense?

We asked one of our clients, an international single family office, to their considerations. Our contact expressed it as follows:

“After our very first conversation, we already knew that Tridense would become our security partner. The team’s experience and professionalism were tangible. It was the first time we’d heard a true vision of security. Tridense is a conversation partner we could put in touch with ‘our family members’ without hesitation. The expertise Tridense has is very convincing. It’s a company with a stature that fits us, which we’ll recommend to our close contacts. Tridense senses the dynamics within our family. They never exaggerate, but know how to get the attention when it is really needed. In fact, I consider them colleagues.”